What Is Stump Grinding And How Does It Work?

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In This Blog You Will Have A Better Understanding Of What Stump Grinding Is, How It’s Done, And What Machinery Is Needed To Do The Work.

What Machinery You Can Use, To Remove Tree Stumps.

1. Stumps can be removed with a large excavator, by digging them up, but this is very uncommon in domestic work, excavators can have an stump grinder attachment added to them.
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Small stump grinders are designed to fit through a regular garden gate, to ensure you can get to narrow access areas. the machines are not as powerful as the larger ones, and can involve more labour. But it gets the job completed to a great standard.
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Large stump grinding machines, are used for open access stumps. The large machines grind down the stump with ease, saving time and making work a lot more efficient.
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Chainsaw's can be equipped with stump grinding attachments. This requires a lot more time involved. More strain on the operator, but works well when access is a real issue. It is suitable for two people to carry this out, giving regular rest periods for each individual.
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How Does A Stump Grinder Work?

  • A stump grinder is operated by one person, moving controls on the machine, or if the stump grinder is small. It usually is manually controlled by the operators movement.
  • The grinder is moved side to side to its maximum reach. Then slowly moved down to plane down the stump.
  •  On average the stump will be ground down to six to twelve inches below soil level. Or totally removed depending on the machine or the size of the stump.
  • When the machine is in operation, it is good practice to have protective screens to stop any damage to anything nearby. 
  • When the work has been completed, the area will have a lot of debris. The Standard practice is to back fill the area with it and compact it down. Anything more than that gets taken away, unless stated otherwise.
  • Stumps can have a variety of different things imbedded in them, for instance metal and concrete. When this is the situation this can cause damage to the machine. All materials will need to be removed manually before grinding the stump.

Why Stump Grinding Is Important.

Leaving stumps can cause a health and safety hazard, slips trips and falls are one of the highest accident rates in a workplace.