Tree Surgery Spalding.

RW Landscaping Ltd offer a full range of arboriculture services to Spalding and the surrounding areas.

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Tree Surgery In Spalding.

Tree Surgery Services Spalding, Wisbech Boston and the surrounding areas.

Are you looking to have some tree work done?

Are you unsure what tree work needs doing? 

We can help.

These are a list of services we provide and some details to why we provide these services.

 Crown Thin. 

Usually this practice is used for broadleaf trees, removing branches to thin the canopy of the tree. making the growth more formally dense. 

Best practice is not thin the tree more than thirty percent. 

This also helps to light go through the tree making the tree in hand grow better and reduces the wind force impacting the tree.


Tree Felling.

This is the removal of a tree or tree’s.

Either by cutting from the bottom of the trunk so the tree felled straight to the floor.

Or dismantled in sections, depending on the position of the tree and the surroundings, we also use lowering systems for safe practice of work.



This type of work is usually seen on roadways, down main streets or when a tree has got to big for its surroundings.

Not all trees can be pollarded as they just wouldn’t recover from the hard cut back.

Pollarding is removing all branches from the tree leaving the main stem and thickest parts of the tree. 

The tree will look very bare after this but over a number of years it will grow back to a natural canopy.


Crown lifting.

This is removing the lower branches of the canopy, making areas easier to access for instance on commercial sites, using a ride on mower to cut all the grass, it is ideal so the mower and operator can get easy access. 

You can raise the crown of a tree in some situations with a pole saw. but larger trees will need to be climbed then cut.



Removing dead wood from a tree is general practice when we are already working on the tree in hand. But sometimes we need to remove the deadwood for safety reasons. 



Stump Removal.

We offer a stump grinding service to remove unwanted stumps. 

If stumps are left it can start to create fungi.

Stumps can be tripping hazards or just in the way.

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Emergency Call Out Service.

You never know when a tree might loose a big limb or fall during the heavy winds, we offer a 24/7 call out service 365 days a year.

We have an on call phone, so from the times of 6pm to 8am if you have an emergency please call 07944327350.



Tree Surgery Services.

Tree surgeons Spalding, Wisbech, Peterborough and the surrounding areas.